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here you will find the Descriptions of each class we offer, both online and in person


Tai Chi Class


We offer specialized Tai Chi programs for both adults and seniors as well! What makes it great? All of our programs can be practiced seated or standing and can be modified as needed.  The classes are catered to the groups interest and needs.  Sifu Michael Keyes developed a Tai Chi in a chair program in our area over 18 years ago & we have decided to expand it beyond the Merrimack Valley! Tai Chi helps one gain balance, decrease stress and anxiety, and calms the mind and body, and may improve your immune system.  As a result you will feel more secure when walking and are given a noninvasive way to help naturally heal the body.  

This class is taught


Length of Class: 45 min-1 hr.


Image by Thao LEE


We teach both Karate and Kung Fu classes. The definition of Kung Fu is: "hard work over a long period of time." In our system we teach warm ups and stretches, followed by stances and moving sequences, with punches and kicks.  Following that we go into forms, which teach the principles of how to use all of the movements combined in our system.


Karate means "empty hand."  Our system of karate is taught with warm ups, stretches, stance training, blocks, punches, and kicks. From there we go into forms, which are also called "katas." 


Some of the benefits of both Kung Fu and Karate are self-discipline, increased self-esteem, as well as increasing your health and stamina. Kung Fu and Karate teach you principles that you can apply in your life to help yourself succeed and help others.

This Class is taught ONLINE and IN-PERSON

Length of Class: 45min-1hr.


Outdoor Aerobics


We are now teaching our new in-person functional fitness class.  The class consists of light calisthenic exercises using dynamic tension to strengthen the ligaments and muscles without the need for traditional weights. The intensity of the workout increases over the weeks so as to help you get stronger over an extended period of time vs. very intense from the get-go.  

This class is good for people who are active and beginners or intermediate. If you have the desire to perform exercises that produce long term strength, this is the class for you!

Length of Class: 45min-1 hr.




New Ongoing Online Class!

Private lessons or small group lessons on specialized body conditioning.  You may chose to learn the Iron Palm technique, or you can learn the Iron Body.  If one is interested in learning both skills, you may also do that!

Contact us for more info

Only serious inquiries please*   


Squat Group



Brand New Strength and Stretch Martial Fitness class!

Increase your strength and flexibility through calisthenics and martial art exercises.

This is a fun class filled with exercises using principles taken from Karate, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, low impact aerobics, muscle strengthening exercises and gentle stretching. As a result, you will strengthen your bones, muscles, and tendons.  It will also help Increase your Stamina! This is a special strengthening program that we are offering to the public. This is appropriate for young adults and up and anyone who is looking to gain strength.

This class is taught ONLINE and IN-PERSON!

Length of Class: 45min


Lake at Dusk


Therapeutic Qi Gong is a class focused on helping the body heal naturally in conjunction to whatever approach you use to keep yourself healthy.

We teach a series of activities in the class to rejuvenate your body, stretch and strengthen the tendons and ligaments, improve circulation, and improve your immune system.  This class helps aid in the healing of injuries, arthritis, and stress.

It's a great way to end the day!

This is an ONLINE class

Class is 45min-1hr.

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