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Here is our current In-Person and Online Weekly Class Schedule
with option to purchase:
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Online Class

Monday Evening Intermediate 

Tai Chi


We have an ongoing Intermediate Tai Chi class that is taught on Zoom.

It's a laid back, fun to learn class with extra teaching from home. This class will help you have a deeper understanding of Tai Chi and it's multiple aspects.

Suitable for anyone who has completed the Beginners Tai Chi course. 

No social distancing needed!  Contact us to register below!

Mondays from 6-7PM

Tuition is $80 per month

Yoga Class

In-Person Class

Tuesday Morning

Tai Chi


Location: Atkinson Community Center

Starting September19th, 2023!

Learn Tai Chi

IN-PERSON, at the Atkinson Community Center, in NH.  This Tai Chi class for anyone who wants to learn and benefit from the practice of Tai Chi. What is it?

Tai Chi is a martial art that has both self-defense applications as well as multiple health benefits. The class consists of warm-ups, stretching, stance work, explanations of the movements, therapeutic exercises that apply to the form, moving in the form, followed by a cool-down. You will also learn how to apply principles of Tai Chi in your everyday life. Beginners are welcome. Join us today!

Located at the Atkinson Community Center at 4 Main St. Atkinson, NH

Tuesdays from 11AM-12PM

The next session starts on

SEPT 19th, 2023

Class is $70 for Atkinson Residents or $90 for   


Register Early for this class

Call Noriko Yoshida-Travers:

(603) 362-5531

or by email:

In-Person Class

Wednesday Morning

Functional Fitness


Location: Sandown Recreation Center

Starting Oct 11th-Dec 21st, 2023

We pleased to once again offer the new Functional Fitness class at Sandown Recreation, 25 Pheasant Run Drive, Sandown, NH.

This class was a HUGE Success over the springtime! It's lots of fun and easy to follow! This class consists of light stretching, calisthenics for strength, and functional fitness exercises, followed by a cool-down.

The class is designed to progress in strengthening over the course of 8 weeks and continue on after that.

Benefits include: help strengthen the bones, improve any muscle waste and help a person have a better quality of life. This class is best for someone who is an active adult or senior. 

Drop-ins are welcome

Starting Date: October 11th, 2023

$90 for Sandown residents and

$100 non-residents

To Register, Call Rebecca Thompson:


Image by Yaopey Yong

In-Person Class!!!


Location: Sandown Recreation Center

Starting October 10th-Nov 28th


Sandown is proud to announce its first Kung Fu class being offered to the public. 

This is a family friendly class that will be easy to learn, step by step. Classes will consist of warm-ups, learning about the principles of Kung Fu, stances, blocks, strikes and kicks, progressing into forms, and followed by a cool-down. Kung Fu is translated as “time and energy” or “hardworking man.” It implies a skill that is acquired over a long period of time. When applied to martial arts, its proper term is called “Wu shu”, which is translated as “stopping a lance.” “Stopping a lance” implies that it’s made to stop violence. What will be taught by Sifu Michael Keyes is the ability to resolve conflict within ourselves and how to become a better human being.  It will also provide a way to create a healthy and strong body and mind. Class is for anyone ages 14 and up.  Wear loose fitting clothes, comfortable athletic shoes and bring a water bottle.  No experience neccessary.

This class is 8 weeks long,

Starting Oct 10th, 2023

$90 for Sandown Residents, $100 for non-residents.

To Register, Call Rebecca Thompson at:


 hand of master making gestures for kung fu_edited.jpg

Online Class

8 Piece Brocade

BEGINNING Fall 2023!

We are excited to announce that there will be a NEW Online 8 Piece Brocade class taught by Instructor Hannah this fall!

Join on to learn the history, the benefits, and practice movements contained within the ancient training of 8 Piece Brocade.  It's a great way to enter into the fall and winter season, to keep your immune system strong, relieve stress and calm your emotions.

Class will be $80 for 8 weeks and is 45 minutes long.


Online Class


We offer online private lessons for those of you who prefer one-on-one training. Whether you are looking for kung fu, karate, strongman strengthening classes, or stress reduction through various martial training, we can do that!

Contact us with what you are looking for and we can set up a personalized program for you!

Private Lessons are $100 per hour.

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