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Once a week Advanced Kung Fu Class

Once a week Advanced Kung Fu Class


We have an ongoing intermediate Kung Fu class on Monday nights!

This class is suitable for our long-term students who have extensive training in our system for an extended period of time.  Class includes Warm-ups, stretching, stance work, form work, and detailed explanations on specialized training. Class is at 6PM-7PM

Price Options
Intermediate Tai Chi
$100.00every month until canceled

    By singing up for this course you agree to the following:

    • “The information provided by the health and wellness coach is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.”
    • “Participating in this program may involve physical activity and exercise that could potentially result in injury or harm. By participating, you assume all risks and liabilities associated with the program.”
    • “The health and wellness coach makes no guarantees or promises regarding the results you will achieve from participating in their program or services.”
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